Leveraging network

protocols and technology to

overcome challenges

Alchemy Pay’s State Channel Network
tackles the following challenges

Funds turning illiquid after users commit to a payment channel

Multiple tokens sharing a single payment channel

Large but fast payments

Zero block confirmation for BTC and ETH without Lightning & Raiden

Having support for recurring payments (i.e. subscriptions)

Requiring users to have ETH in their wallets for ERC-20 token payments


core technical advantages


Integrated 2nd layer payment protocols; partners only need to integrate with Alchemy

Invented PullPay to support multi-mode payments

Zero-confirmation :BTC/ETH/LTC and other longer block time crypto can be expedited to

seconds with anti-fraud technology

Adaptable Blockchain Network

Through the adaptation layer of the blockchain network, the ALCHEMY payment consensus protocol can be deployed seamlessly on various public networks

Integrate Lightning Network, Raiden Network, and State Channel Network into an integrated network

Multi-Pronged Risk Management

Anti-fraud payment based on machine learning and AI algorithms to ensure payment network security

Secure smart contract based on big data risk control

Risk hedging against price fluctuation

Integrated Scaling Solutions

Fast routing algorithm

Multiple tokens reuse the same channel

Intelligent balance of Lightning Network Channel funds

Support for various payment models, including PULLPAY, combined payment, split,bulk collection/payment, etc

PULLPAY Protocol

In favor of blockchain to pre-authorize PULLPAY and Lightning Network PULLPAY to meet the needs of various subscription and repeated payment scenarios

Smart Contract Templates

Customizable templates for smart contracts are available for use on the platform

Templates are visually intuitive, streamlined and describes the rules in a natural language allowing users to quickly understand and verify the logic of the smart contract

Cross Chain Payments

Cross-chain lightning payments through Atomic Swap and Payment Channel

Utilizing Atomic Swap and Submarine Swaps for a number of currencies that do not support Lightning Networks for fastpayment

Cross-chain combination payment for multiple blockchain currencies